The following sentences of story are not in order:

        1. Chu Yuan was a patriotic poet. 

        2. Many people threw zongzis into the river to feed the fishes, so the fishes wouldn't eat the body of Chu Yuan.

        3. He wrote many poems to express his love for his country;

        4. So one day he plunged into the Mi Lou River and killed himself.

        5. however, the king didn't pay attention to him.


Key Words:

Poet   詩人  ;  Poem   詩   ;   Patrotic   愛國的  ;   Express   表達  ;   Feed   餵食


Now, look at the following picture, try to match the sentences to the blank A,B,C,D, and E.

Story of Dragon Boat Festival.GIF


Did you figure it out?

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